Highest Quality

At the shipyard we put our heart and soul into ensuring that every boat we create is finished to the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Attractive Prices

Beside to the best high quality of the materials we offer attractive prices
to our customers. Our team have knowledge and experience, so you can be sure that our boats won’t disappoint you.


Experience is the most important thing in a designing process. We can offer you traditional look of canal boats with modern, high quality materials. Our boats are reliable in service.

Financial Help

Our company takes care of customers for whom price is an issue. We offer the financial help for the purchasing of our Widebeam or Narrowboat.

Canal boats for sale

Viking Canal Boats Ltd has the best builders with
a great experience and knowledge, so we will build
a perfect boat for you. If you want to
make your dreams come true just trust us. We offer boats for sale at attractive prices and
of the highest quality of materials. Our boats are luxury, modern and beautiful.
What else are you looking for?

Widebeam boats for sale

Our widebeam boats are for people who want to have a luxury and modern boat at attractive price and of a high quality. You can use them in different ways: it’s perfect for holidays, for romantic trip or for a party. You can live on board! Our boats are solid and safe so you can be sure that every day and night on this widebeam will be happy.

Narrow boats for sale

Narrow boats nowadays are created for people who love modern design and luxury look. In the 18th century these boats were used for work and now they are used for leisure activity, or for private purposes. We offer narrowboats for sale at attractive prices. Every boat is beautiful, solid and safe.They are of a great use in narrow canals.

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